On the sandy beaches of San Diego a line was drawn in the sand . . . and then a game of Volleyball was played. After the game a discussion to develop a beverage that delivered healthy Antioxidants to the body without the nasty taste of old broccoli brought forth the idea of "and" - Antioxidant Nutritional Drinks.

The cofounders and creators of "and" knew that they would need strategic partners in getting "and" off the ground into the hands of you the consumer. To achieve this V Group was formed, a strategic nationwide network of influential beverage distributors.

Larry Twombly
Co-Founder and Co-Designer off "and"

Mr. Twombly has been an innovator in the beverage industry since 1995 successfully developing and launching Buzzy's Coffee. Mr. Twombly grew Buzzy's Coffee into a $2,000,000.00 a year brand at which point Mr. Twombly sold the brand to a venture capital group. Mr. Twombly went on to advise and assist in the development and launch of some of the most successful brands in the industry such as Vitamin Water, Fuze, SoBe, No Fear Energy, and many others. Mr. Twombly, along with his team has developed relationships with some of the most influential distributors in the Country. Mr. Twombly's reach spans from East Coast to West Coast. “The beverage industry isn't just what I do, it's who I am”. – Larry Twombly

V Group, Inc., the proud creators of "and", develop innovative, quality driven beverages. V Group is dedicated to providing the very best in cutting edge beverages creating the next evolution in the beverage market. So Drink, Enjoy, "and" Thrive.

V Groups involvement in the community goes beyond providing high quality, great tasting beverages. V Group has created the "U R Good People"program and a portion of the proceeds of every bottle sold is donated to charity.

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