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V Group Inc., Carlsbad, Ca. Ticker Symbol VGID. OTC Pink Sheets

Here We Come Kids! V Group, Inc. is excited to announce that the Company, along with its incubation partner Fern Hill Beverage, Inc., has completed the development of their first beverage offering. The new entry into the underserved youth market is ROADKILL. Roadkill is a healthier product packaged in a wildly attractive package to appeal to “kids that like the gross and icky and adults that have never grown up”. The product will initially be available in 4 vibrant colors and flavors such as Green Gopher Guts (Green Apple), Purple Possum Parts (Grape), Blue Raccoon Bits (Raspberry), and Red Fox in a Box (Sour Cherry). More flavors will be developed as growth requires. The look of the product is designed to appeal to kids with a 11oz bottle made to fit smaller hand but the product inside will appeal to the parents. The product in the bottles is loaded with flavors, packed with vitamins and is sugar free.

Fernhill Beverage and V Group are currently working out details with a co-packer to complete the first full production of the new offering. This will be completed within the next 2 weeks. V Group, Inc. will formally introduce the product to distributors and retail stores in October at the NACS (National Ass. Of Convenience Stores) Show in Las Vegas with the purpose of establishing broad distribution for Spring, 2015. V Group will be conducting a controlled launch in the San Diego County area starting November, 2014. “We intend to utilize the remainder of 2014 to develop a sales strategy and launch strategy that will serve us well going forward. We want to enter 2015 being able to run not walk!” states Larry Twombly, President of V Group, Inc. Mr. Twombly goes on to say; “Everyone involved is very excited about this partnership. We are expecting a rapid growth in 2015. V Group will be working diligently to help Ferhill hit its stride. Once the operations are stable, Fernhill will be operating on its own and together we will be starting the process of bringing Fernhill public to benefit V Group shareholders.” A web presence is in the process of being developed. Fernhill, Inc. is targeting mid October for the completion of the web sight. More information will be released as the details become more clear.

Both V Group, Inc. and Fernhill, Inc. thank the shareholders and the vendors for the support and the opportunity.

V Group, Inc.
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V Group Inc., Carlsbad, Ca. Ticker Symbol VGID. OTC Pink Sheets

V Group would like to congratulate team member Ted Norby for qualifying for the Senior United States Open Golf Championships being played this year in Edmond Oklahoma. The tournament begins July, 10th and is played through July, 13th and will be televised on the Golf Channel.

Ted Norby is currently the Director of Instruction at National University Golf Academy. Mr. Norby has a distinguished career in Golf with many professional tour appearances. Mr. Norby will be displaying the V Group logo proudly on his shirt, golf bag, and other articles of clothing. He will also be drinking the product and talking about the benefits of the products. Mr. Norby will be speaking of V Group during all interviews including any interviews planned for Satellite Radio and Television.

Please join us in watching Ted and the rest of the field compete for one of the most prestigious championships in golf. V Group is constantly searching for opportunities to get the word out about our tremendous products and our great Company. Go Ted!

V Group, Inc.
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V Group Inc., Carlsbad, Ca. Ticker Symbol VGID. OTC Pink Sheets

V Group, Inc. is proud to announce the progression of it's flagship brand, "and"®. The Company is now in the process of developing a can version of their growing brand. Until now, "and"® has only been available for retail in a sleek 20oz PET bottle with a beautifully designed full body shrink sleeve label. This package has been well accepted. The Company is now developing a 16oz can package. This new package will be designed with bright graphics on a white background and will emphasize the antioxidant value of the beverages. The contents will be lightly carbonated to make the flavors even more refreshing.

“This exciting package will accomplish multiple goals for "and"®. It will allow us to produce the product at a much more cost effective manner while creating a totally new category in which we will be the innovators. The new package will also command a premium retail price adding to the Companies profitability.” States Larry Twombly, President of V Group, Inc. Mr. Twombly goes on to say; “There are only two kinds of beverage companies: innovators and imitators. Innovators get rewarded and imitators get punished. We will always strive to be innovators!”

The Company intends to debut the new package at the NACS Show in October, 2014.

V Group, Inc.
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Phone: 877.734.3947


Introducing V Group, Inc. Ticker symbol VGID. V Group is primarily a Beverage Company originally founded in 2010. In January, 2014 the Company successfully completed the process of converting to a publically traded entity for the purpose of growth, expansion and the addition of shareholder value.

V Group is anchored by its flagship brand, "and"® (antioxidant nutritional drinks), a super premium beverage that successfully competes in the nutraceutical health category. The Company's brands and information are featured on the web sight . V Group will be utilizing this web presence as an archive and portal for all news and information. The Company invites you to critique the beverages and offer any suggestions, for V Group intends to constantly improve and evolve their offerings.

The Management of V Group has decades of experience in the beverage industry and has been involved in the design and launch of some of the industries most successful brands. The Company fully intends to keep that track record intact by utilizing its countless contacts in the industry and beyond.

The Company is committed to being as transparent and forthcoming with information pertinent to the shareholders and potential shareholders as possible.

V Group, Inc. is already preparing for 2015 and beyond and will be sharing the information with the public as it unfolds in the weeks and months to come.

The Company looks forward to vigorously serving the shareholders and investors. V Group would like to take this opportunity to publically thank the investors and shareholders for the opportunity that has been presented.


We started 2014 strong! In January, We successfully completed the process of bringing our Company to the Public masses. Our ticker symbol is VGID. This will allow us to grow and prosper in a way that can benefit many.

We look forward to an aggressive 2014 and a fruitful 2015 and beyond. The V Group team will be utilizing this forum to relay information on an ongoing basis. We have exciting opportunities before us. We will be releasing as much information as possible. We look forward to the process.

Stay focused on for fun and information!


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Get on your bike and ride! The V Group was handing out 100's of samples of all 4 flavors of "and"® this morning to support the Tour de Palm Springs Bicycle Race/Ride. CVSPIN and Tour de Palm Springs gave away more than $225,000 to local charities in 2011 and we are glad to be a part of their continued good work in 2012. The reason we can do this is because "U R Good People" and a portion of the proceeds of every bottle sold is donated to helping local charities. - Like us on facebook and see the photos.


This morning "and"® was well received for the Walk To School Event in Palm Springs. There were 15 schools that participated in the event and "and"® was at all of the locations. We gave out 75 cases of "and"® to elementary students on their way to school this morning. This event should also be featured tonight on the local news stations in the Palm Springs area. - Like us on facebook and see all of our photos.


And we're hitting the ground running in LA!!! After a great launch meeting with the sales force at our LA distribution center, the guys scooped up cases of "and"® to hit the streets and start flooding the LA market. Be on the lookout and Get'cha Some!! - Like us on facebook and see the photos.


We have just wrapped up a production of all 4 flavors of "and"®. We are setting up shipments to our partnering distributors this week and you can expect to start finding it at local convenience stores in and around Los Angeles, Palm Desert, and New England. If your local store is not carrying "and"® you need to ask the store manager to get it in so that you can give it a try for your self.

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